Home Support

Home Support is very important, many people now rely of technology at home, even working from home. When you have a problem you need to make sure the company your are calling out can be trusted to perform reliable diagnostics and testing.

We have heard so many nightmare stories of people calling a man from the news paper! You have no idea of knowing what skills this person has or in most cases does not have. As in any industry people think they can make a bit of easy money a place a free or low cost advert in the paper. Unfortunately quite often the result is lost data, over charging and bad service.

All of our home technicians are fully trained and qualified, you also know up front what you will be charged.

Our service is cheaper than calling out many electrician or plumbers!

All engineers carry spares and can fix 99% of problems in the home.


Call-Out charge     £50

1st Hour                 £50

2nd Hour                £40


So if the engineer needed to stay for 2 hours the total cost would be £50 + £50 + £40 = £140 + vat

All time is rounded up to the next hour. So 1hour 30mins would still be 2 hours.


This Service always includes -

                Backup copy of critical data - (Docs, Photos)

                                Does not include your music or video collection as these can be very large to backup.

                Updated Antivirus software

                System health check


If you value your data, this includes all of your digital photographs, don't trust a stranger from the local paper, contact the experts.

Last Updated (Thursday, 25 March 2010 11:58)