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 Every company in it UK needs some level of IT support. Depending on the amount of employees and the type of work the company does will determine the level of IT support required.

Many small companies will not have a dedicated IT professional onsite all of the time as this does not prove cost effective, these companies will typically have an agreement with a local company to provide support as and when required. This would normally be split into scheduled visits for housekeeping tasks such as Installing latest antivirus software, system health checks, confirming backups have been taken etc.

On average when a company employees around 20 staff we would recommend that they have a dedicated resource, or at least a support contract with tightly SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

The maths are quite easy, if you had an IT issue that means all staff cannot work for an hour, then you have lost 20 man hours, if you are paying £15 / hour then the money lost in staff productivity alone is £300. Of course this is nothing compared to the amount of lost business in that hour. Take an example of a small hedge fund, these quite often employ under 20 staff, 1 hour of lost financial trading could result in thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

We can give advice about what level of IT support your company really needs, based of the business requirements, not what an IT company sells you.

We can provide you with a support contract for IT staff when you need them, offer guaranteed call out SLA's, offer telephone support. We have even set-up complete service desks for companies.

Whatever you current IT problem is please contact us and let us have an opportunity to discuss your business requirements.


Last Updated (Thursday, 25 March 2010 10:41)